Welcome to the August 2001 Almelund, MN Threshing Show!
Featuring John Deere


Once again, this year's show requires the Crescendo plugin if you want to hear the sounds, which are much more 56k-friendly this year. To get the free plugin for Internet Explorer, all you have to do is click here to open the Live Update home page in a new window. Leave that window open and their Crescendo plugin will start to load immediately. When it finishes, (about 60 seconds later on a 56k modem), a prompt will pop up asking if you want to install the plugin; just follow the directions. When done, just close that window and you're good to go. If you have Netscape, your browser will prompt you to download the plugin the minute you click on one of our pages with sound. If you don't have the plugin, there will simply be no sound.

After getting the plugin, start by expanding a menu item on the left by clicking once on its red arrow and choosing a menu item from the resulting list. Start with the "Welcome" menu and check out the Panorama of the show grounds! Just a note: images that are not preloaded will take about 10 seconds to download. When you get to Tractors, follow the navigation arrows on the individual pages. That's because there were too many tractors to list individually in the menu. That's it!

Enjoy the show!!