Just Another Day in Garage Logic


This is the 1949 Fairbanks-Morse Z model D. Bill got this engine from a friend 25 years ago. The former owner didn't know when it last ran.

Today, Friday February 15 2002, Bill and son BJ worked on it for 5 hours and finally, she turned over! If you have your sound turned up, you should be able to hear it.

Not only did Bill's wife Bonnie NOT give him the "female fun-limitation factor" signal at any time during this project, but she helped make it possible by tracking down a rare parts supplier on the internet with Kelly Lynn-like speed!

Scroll further down the page to see a 360° shot of the garage the engine is being restored in:

Below is part of the 360° picture of Bill's garage. To see the full picture, click your mouse cursor down on the picture and hold it there; while still holding it down, drag your mouse to the left or the right to rotate the picture. Lift your finger up to stop the rotation. You can zoom in and out on an area of the picture by using the + and - keys , or > and < keys on your keyboard:

Here are a few scenes from Bill and Bonnie's Garage Logic Wedding. They drove to the church in Bill's 1920 Model T:

The Garage Reception (wait... is that Joe I see??):

Start Up Bill's Honda CX 500 Custom !! .

See and Hear LOTS of cylinders at Bill and Bonnie's Almelund Threshing Show page.
The Fairbanks-Morse engine will be displayed there next August!!!