Photo by David Hasenick (Macroglossum faro faro , Macroglossum fritzei or Macroglossum pyrrhosticta):


"I presently live in South Korea.  However, this photo was taken near midday in late November of 2003 during my wonderful three month visit to the magical island of Okinawa, Japan.  


On that day, I was hiking with my friend at the top of a lovely coastal park area named, "I Don't Know".  (We gave it that name because we did not know the real name!)  We were enjoying the ocean view when we spotted the lovely flowers and their two temporary inhabitants.  It was very interesting to observe the Hummingbird (that's what we thought anyway) and the Praying Mantis so close together.  The Hummingbird was dining freely on the nectar of the flowers while the Praying Mantis appeared to have other ideas for lunch!  We did not stay around to learn who nature's winner was!  


We have always thought this was a Hummingbird until recently discovering the Hummingbird Moth at and many other web sites.  We stand corrected.  Since then, I have seen one Hummingbird Moth here in Korea, but was not quick enough to capture him on film.  Next time!  This photo was taken with my Sony DSC-F707 digital camera.  This photo and others may be found in my online photo galleries at  


Many thanks to the Howard Family for this educational website."