Photos by Ron & Linda Van Dorp (White-lined Sphinx Moth):


"Just took our first picture of a Hummingbird Moth.  Wondered all last summer what in the world they were.  Never was able to get a good look at one as they were coming long after dark.  This evening out of 15 tries with the digital camera I finally got one to turn out.  Would love to send it to you for the first posting on your site from Oregon.


The flower that the hummer is feeding on in the pics I sent you is an evening primrose (oenothera).  The local varieties grow 4' to 5' tall and bloom in the evening.  These little guys have been coming in numbers to my garden since the blooming started a week or so ago.  It is funny however that whenever I turn the garden lighting on they all seem to rapidly disappear.  I wouldn't have thought that it would have bothered them as I had read that they feed during the day also."