Photos by Kelly Delany (Snowberry Clearwing/Bumblebee Moth):


"I live in Allen, TX and in Sept of 2003 began landscaping my bermuda grass-laden 1/2 acre yard.  It was planned to basically be one large butterfly/hummingbird oasis.  By the spring of 2004, there were already numerous types of animals moving in (hummingbirds, butterflies, moths, dragonflies, etc).  But then one day I spotted this strange moth like creature flying around and sipping nectar like a hummingbird.  For the longest time nobody believed me because I couldn't get any pictures of it (in fact, I was a bit leery to go near it initially).


Finally I happened to be out with the camera when this guy showed up. I've seen him eating off of Blue Princess Verbena (shown in pictures), Butterfly Bushes (white, black night, and a lavender variety), Vitex Agnes trees, and occasionally testing Salvia Greggi.  Hopefully I can increase the population of these guys in the yard and maybe even attract different ones.  We'll see.


Just the other day, it let me put my face within 2 inches of it while it ate!  I thought it was actually going to land on my nose at one point. Too bad I didn't have the camera with me.


By the way, after searching many sites, yours was the first to finally help me identify this guy (due to the great pics)."