Grande Prairie

Photos by Linda Benedict (Hemaris Thysbe):


"Here are some stills I took with the digital camera; these little guys always amaze me. I always thought they were some type of hummingbird until one day I was reading a bird book and it said they were no relation but quite often get confused because of the long bill and the wings. anyways thought you would be interested in them .


 I live in Grande Prairie, Northern Alberta, Canada and yesterday we had 2 pairs, on the lilac bushes. I have only seen these critters a few times before on separate occasions, and only one at a time.


Yesterday as I was walking past the lilac and of course looking to see what I can see and I saw a different species, these ones were smaller and had the yellow and brown bum, and there was a pair of them. So I am keeping the camera handy now, hoping to be able to get a picture of them. There are also many Monarch Butterflies feeding on the lilac too. I was able to get some pics of them. They are so beautiful.  Last year the whole lilac bush was covered with the monarchs, it was a site to see.  We live on 5 acres so we have a nice haven for the birds and the insects. We spend lots of time with the binoculars watching and looking."